MA FAIR Plan Comparison


New England Insurance Underwriters’ Standard Coastal Homeowners program uses the same ISO HO3 policy form at the MA FAIR plan at a lower price.

Core CoverageMassachusetts FAIR PlanNew England Insurance Underwriters
Coverage A – DwellingMaximum – $1,000,000$100,000 minimum, $700,000 maximum
Coverage B – Other Structures10% of Coverage A

Cannot be decreased
10% of Coverage A

Limit can be as low as 5% or as high as 50%
Coverage C – Personal Property50% of Coverage A

Can be decreased to 40%

Cannot be increased
50% of Coverage A

Can be decreased to as low as 25%

Can be increased to as high as 80%
Coverage D – Loss of Use30% of Coverage A

Cannot be increased
30% of Coverage A

Can be increased to as high as 40%
NEIU premium is based on Total Insured Value (sum of Coverage A, B, C and D). We recommend adjusting Coverage B, C and D as needed, which may decrease the final premium accordingly.
Liability CoverageMassachusetts FAIR PlanNew England Insurance Underwriters
Personal LiabilityStandard limit is $500,000Standard limit is $500,000

Options of $100,000, $300,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000  
Medical Payments to OthersStandard limit is $5,000Standard limit is $5,000

Range of options between $1,000 and $10,000                          
Other CoveragesMassachusetts FAIR PlanNew England Insurance Underwriters
All Other Peril DeductiblesMaximum deductible $2,500Minimum deductible of $1,000 with options up to $10,000 maximum 
Named Storm DeductiblesNamed Storm Deductible of 2% or 5% applied based on location and limits. No option available for higher Named Storm Deductibles.Named Storm Deductible starts at 2% with options available up to 10%.
Other Windstorm and HailNot availableOptions of 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 10% are available
Inflation GuardNeed to be added via endorsement for additional premium4% increase automatically included for no charge.

Additional options of 6%, 8%, 10% and 12% are available.
Home-Sharing Host EndorsementNot availableOption for home that are occasionally rented with limit up to $1,000,000 to meet MA law effective July 1, 2019.                                                                                                                   

Lighthouse Endorsement

NEIU’s Lighthouse Endorsement is what really sets us apart from the Massachusetts FAIR Plan.

By adding NEIU’s Lighthouse Endorsement, you get BETTER COVERAGE than the MA FAIR Plan.

Massachusetts FAIR PlanNew England Insurance Underwriters
Securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, personal records, passports, tickets and stamps.$1,500$5,000 limit
Jewelry, watches furs, precious and semiprecious stones for loss by theft, but not more than $2,500 for any one article$1,500$5,000 limit
Firearms and related equipment for loss by theft$2,500$5,000 limit
Silverware, silver-plated ware, goldware, gold-plated ware, platinumware, platinum-plated ware and pewterware for loss by theft$2,500$5,000 limit
Portable electronic equipment that:
  1. Reproduces, receives or transmits audio, visual or data signals
  2. Is designed to be operated by more than one power source, or of which is a “motor vehicle’s” electrical system; and
  3. Is in or upon a “motor vehicle”
$1,500$5,000 limit
Watercraft of all types, including trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard engines or motors$1,500$5,000 limit
Trailers or semi-trailers not used with watercraft of all types$1,500$5,000 limit
Credit card, Electronic Fund Transfer Card or Access Device, Forgery and Counterfeit Money$500$5,000 limit
Refrigerated Property CoverageNeeds to be added by endorsement for an additional charge$500
Lock Replacement CoverageNot available$750
Identity Fraud Expense CoverageNeeds to be added by endorsement for an additional charge$15,000


Massachusetts FAIR PlanNew England Insurance Underwriters
Loyalty DiscountNot availablePolicyholders receive a premium discount of 5% after the first year with additional discounts each year they stay with NEIU, up to 12% after five years
Age of Policyholder DiscountNot AvailableWith at least one (1) member of the household age 36-54, you receive a 2% discount. With at least one (1) member 55 or older, you receive a 5% discount.
Protective Devices DiscountsCredits for alarm systems range from 2% for local detectors to 18% for sprinkler system in all areas and central burglar alarmWe factor all protective devises into our premium ranging from Smoke Detectors to Low Temp and Generators. Discounts range from 2% up to a Maximum Credit of 16%
Age of Roof DiscountNot ApplicableIf your Roof has been replaced in the past 8 Years you could receive a discount of 2% to 8% depending on the age of the Roof. Additional discounts are available for superior Roofing Materials.
New Home DiscountNot ApplicableIf your home was built in the last 10 years you deserve a discount. Depending on the year it was built, discounts range from 3% up to a maximum discount of 22%.

If your coastal home does not fit the parameters of NEIU’s admitted program…

New England Insurance Underwriters also have a non-admitted program that also provides true HO3 coverage and is also quite competitive with the MA FAIR Plan. MPIUA – Non-admitted comparison

If you need flood insurance… 

New England Insurance Underwriters’ affiliated company, New England Flood Insurance offers private-market Flood Insurance at rates that are 15-25% less than the National Flood Insurance Program.

Who is National Specialty Insurance Company?

National Specialty Insurance Company (NSIC) is rated “A” by AM Best and “A (Excellent” by Fitch. NSIC was founded in 1993.

Who is New England Insurance Underwriters?

New England Insurance Underwriters Is an underwriting agency based in Portsmouth, NH. We have been insuring homeowners throughout New England for nearly twenty years.