Who are New England Insurance Underwriters?

New England Insurance Underwriters Is an underwriting agency based in Portsmouth, NH.  We have been insuring homeowners throughout New England for nearly twenty years.

Are all your products Agency Bill?

No! In fact, NEIU offers Direct Billing on all our HO3, DP3 and Flood policies.  We offer insured and mortgagee billing.

Does your Homeowners product include standard limits for Coverages B, C & D?

No, the Coverage Limits on NEIU’s HO3 and DP3 policies are flexible.  If there are no Other Structures on the property that require coverage, then the Coverage B limit can be $0.  If the home is a secondary, maybe it doesn’t need Loss of Use coverage and the Contents coverage can be less than 50% of the Dwelling limit.  Adjustments such as these can reduce the premium and save money for the homeowner.

Do you have any restrictions based on the age of the roof on your homeowners policies?

Yes, roofs must be no older than 30 years.

Do you insure homes that are in the name of a trust?

Yes, homes that are owned by trusts, LLCs, corporations or partnerships are eligible.

Do you require Inspections be done for homeowners insurance?

We require an inspection of each home we write in the first year.  An updated inspection is required every four (4) years after that.  If there is a recent inspection that the insured is willing to share with us, we may accept that in lieu of ordering one.  Inspections are not required on Flood Insurance policies.

We have insureds who rent their homes for a portion of the year.  Can you insure homes that are rented?

We can.  Homes that are rented twelve (12) or fewer weeks out of the year can be written on an HO3 form.  Homes that are rented for more than twelve (12) weeks can be written on a DP3 form.  NEIU offers the option to include $1 million of Liability coverage on our HO3 and DP3 policies.

How does NEIU’s Flood coverage differ from the federal flood program (NFIP)?

NEIU Flood Insurance policies are written with a private-market insurance carrier and DO COMPLY with all the federal requirements for private flood insurance. NEIU Flood Insurance policies are accepted by banks and lending institutions.

How has the NFIP’s Risk Rating 2.0 impacted flood insurance premiums in New England?

The NFIP’s Risk Rating 2.0 has produced irregular and often confusing fluctuations in Flood Insurance premiums for NFIP customers. NEIU, on the other hand, has a solid track record of consistent, stable pricing.

How do agents submit new risks to NEIU?

If your agency is appointed with NEIU, you can use the same online portal to submit both Coastal Homeowners and Flood risks.

If your agency is not appointed with NEIU and you wish to be, please contact NEIU’s marketing department to start the process.

What is the security behind New England Insurance Underwriters policies?

New England Insurance Underwriters’ Flood polices are underwritten by Lloyd’s, London or Chubb European Group.  Our Coastal Homeowners policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s, London.  Both and Lloyd’s, London and Chubb European Group are rated “A” by AM Best. 

How do I file a claim?

If you are a policyholder or an agent and want to file a claim, please click here.

How can I find a copy of a policy?

Appointed agents can locate a policy by logging in to our policy system and searching for the policyholder’s name.